What are you going to learn?

Value Proposition

The most promising business ideas consist of concepts that solve an urgent problem (or offer opportunities) for a large group of people. We teach you not to think too much about the technology or the solution you have in mind right now, but first do some research on other solutions that might better meet the needs of your potential customers. In this way you increase your chances of success considerably!

Business Modelling

Solving a problem is a good start, but this is only the beginning of a business model. What is your revenue model, how do you reach potential customers and what are the partners you need? Business modeling helps you in answering the right questions.


Once you have an insight into the problem you solve for your target group, we will find out how big the market is. We do this to be able to estimate the potential of your idea. The bigger the market, the more interesting your concept becomes. We also teach you to always think about the scalability of your concept. This means: with as little effort as possible, achieve the largest possible impact.


How to protect your solution? What is a patent, how to apply for a patent and what are costs involved? No sustainable business case without an idea about intellectual property.


Drawing up a good financial plan turns out to be a difficult part for many starters. We try to explain the basics in an accessible way, so you get more insight into how you can organize your finances. Are you going to bootstrap your startup or are you going to get funding? Together we investigate what suits you best.


What are the barriers for female entrepreneurship, which biases are there? How can you make use of the strengths and trends in the market? Diversity in the team is important, so how do you make sure that you increase your chances? With help of role models, ambassadors and research we provide you with the tools to cope as a female founder in a male-dominant ecosystem.


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